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The soundtrack to Christopher Nolan’s 2023 film “Oppenheimer” was composed by Ludwig Göransson. At the 66th Grammy Awards it won the award for best soundtrack. At the 96th Academy Awards it won the Oscar for best original score.

When approached to score Oppenheimer, Göransson was initially intimidated by the scope and magnitude of the project. In the film’s early stages of production, Nolan shared the script with his visual effects supervisor Andrew Jackson as he needed to convey phenomena such as quantum mechanics and nuclear reactions onscreen. The visual effects team began creating experimental footage of particles, waves, and chain reactions. Nolan then showed this footage to Göransson, who used it to draw inspiration for his score.

Scoring Oppenheimer proved to be a unique challenge for Göransson as he had never composed a soundtrack that only represented one character’s inner workings and point of view. He later explained, “the movie is about Oppenheimer’s perspective and the audience is meant to feel what he’s feeling, to see what he’s seeing, to be inside of him. That’s what the music needed to do — it needed to get the audience to feel all of his feelings as you see on screen.”

We have a copy of Mondo’s triple vinyl “Nuclear Explosion” variant for sale, in a triple gatefold sleeve with booklet. An absolutely breathtaking pressing, but, unfortunately there is a crease on the back of the sleeve (check the photos) and is priced accordingly. The vinyl records are brand new and unplayed.


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