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The fourth studio album by Danzig was the band’s final album on to feature the original lineup of John Christ, Eerie Von and Chuck Biscuits. In various interviews, Danzig explained that he did not wish to give the album a title, as he felt that a logo or printing would ruin the artwork, which he wished to stand on its own. After pressure from representatives from American Recordings, who did not want to release an unlabeled album for fear that sales would plummet, Danzig relented and allowed a sticker reading “Danzig 4” to be placed on the album’s cellophane wrapper in both the vinyl and CD formats. The album is more experimental than its predecessors, and Glenn Danzig described it as a very challenging record, philosophically, vocally and musically. Shortly after the album had been recorded, Biscuits left the band, returned, and was finally fired. Just prior to the album’s release he was replaced by Joey Castillo. Eerie Von and Christ also intended to leave the band, but decided to stay for the remainder of the tour supporting the album and left the band the following year.

Danzig’s early output (most early Misfits records, the Samhain discography, and the first four Danzig albums) still remain out of print since the 80’s and 90’s due to various legal (and personal) issues. The original vinyl records are very hard to find, and priceless. However, recently there have been some very good bootlegs made of these original releases. We came across a batch of these and handpicked the best looking and best sounding copies!

This is a nicely done copy in a high gloss gatefold sleeve, on orange vinyl! Sounds very to close to the original!


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Coloured vinyl, Gatefold

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Rock, Metal, Blues