Vol. 4

Black Sabbath • LP


Though the production of Black Sabbath’s “Vol. 4” is officially credited to Black Sabbath and Patrick Meehan, the bulk of the actual production was performed by guitarist Tony Iommi. The recording was plagued with problems, many due to substance abuse. In the studio, the band regularly had speaker boxes full of cocaine delivered. “Vol. 4” saw Black Sabbath beginning to experiment with the heavy sound they had become known for. Rock critic Lester Bangs, who had derided the band’s earlier albums, applauded the album, writing in Creem, “We have seen the Stooges take on the night ferociously and go tumbling into the maw, and Alice Cooper is currently exploiting it for all it’s worth, turning it into a circus. But there’s only one band that’s dealt with it honestly on terms meaningful to vast portions of the audience, not only grappling with it in a mythic structure that’s both personal and powerful but actually managing to prosper as well. And that band is Black Sabbath.”

This is a rare Brazilian pressing on the House Records Rap label. The vinyl is in great shape, the sleeve has moderate wear due to its age.


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