Things Viral

Khanate • CD


Khanate released their second album, “Things Viral”, in 2003 to considerable international acclaim. This still stands as an opus of systematically deconstructed metal and crawling avant-rock tropes. The slow pace of these recordings follows that of Khanate’s eponymous debut, with the band sterilizing much of the grime and distortion to highlight the space between. “Things Viral” deliberately vacates and erases the sustained tone that is often liberally employed as a doom/drone standard, leaving behind an emaciated structure of rhythmic heft, subharmonic progressions, and Dubin’s torturous vocalizations. Thanks to this reductive ethos, these demonic vocals puncture through like knives blindly stabbed into the dark. His poetics of psychopathic delusions and death-blink finality require such a harsh scrape from throat and larynx to achieve the dismal affect.

This is the original 2003 jewelcase CD edition, like new. On the vinyl edition the long compositions are cut and edited, so the best experience for this sonic meditation is the CD format.


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