Static Age

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“Static Age” was the first album the Misfits ever recorded, although these 1978 recordings were not released in its entirety until 1997. In 1977 the Misfits released their debut single “Cough / Cool” on Blank Records, a label operated by the band’s lead vocalist Glenn Danzig. Several months later Mercury Records issued a Pere Ubu record on their own Blank Records imprint, unaware that Danzig held a trademark on the name. The parties came to a settlement, with Danzig accepting thirty hours of studio time for his band in exchange for the rights to the Blank Records name. In early 1978 the Misfits recorded seventeen songs in New York City with engineer and producer Dave Achelis. Due to time constraints, the band recorded the songs live in the studio with only a few takes and very few overdubs.

The band were unable to find a record label interested in releasing the album. Instead, the Misfits released four of the new tracks as the “Bullet” single in 1978 on Danzig’s newly created label Plan 9 Records. The same four tracks, along with a remixed version of “Last Caress”, were reissued on the “Beware” EP in 1980. While on tour in Canada that year, the band fell apart. With the future far from certain, the “Static Age” recordings were shelved. In 1997 the complete session was finally released by Caroline Records.

Danzig’s early output (most early Misfits records, the Samhain discography, and the first four Danzig albums) still remain out of print since the 80’s and 90’s due to various legal (and personal) issues. The original vinyl records are very hard to find, and priceless. However, recently there have been some very good bootlegs made of these original releases. We came across a batch of these and handpicked the best looking and best sounding copies!

This one looks and sounds just as amazing as the original release. Very well done bootleg, includes insert!


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