Omtrent Een Componistenactie

Misha Mengelberg • LP


Excellent LP from Misha Mengelberg released in 1982 and containing three completely different pieces.

“Musica Per 17 Instrumenti” is fantastic, in particular because of the presence of conductor Reinbert de Leeuw leading the Ensemble of the Royal Conservatory of the Hague. De Leeuw is a top-notch classical leader who has more than earned his stripes on the Dutch music scene. A sizeable chunk of his reputation is based on his work with the Satie repertoire, so he is the perfect person to bring out the little gems of melodic genius, fascinating use of space, and tender elements of refined ensemble nuance that are attributes of the work of both the French and Dutch musical geniuses. A major difference, of course, is Mengelberg’s jazz background, motley influences present from the varied styles that are gathered together under this genre umbrella.

“3 Intermezzi” is a bit from the far out jazz side of things, Mengelberg showing a knack for writing out events that might otherwise be improvised by free jazz players. Yet this type of playing sounds different when done by members of the Netherlands Wind Ensemble, obviously.

The side-long “Omtrent Een Componistenactie” is well worth a listen, a finely honed set of instrumental transactions that will be especially appealing to lovers of the oboe and bassoon.


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