November Coming Fire

Samhain • LP


“Samhain III: November Coming Fire” is the third release and second studio album by Samhain. It was recorded in 1985 and originally released on LP in 1986, through Glenn Danzig’s independent record label Plan 9. It was was Samhain’s last album before Danzig signed the group to Def American Recordings and changed the band name to Danzig. The album contains a re-recorded version of “Halloween II” by Glenn’s previous band the Misfits. The track “Mother Of Mercy” was featured in the 2009 video game “Guitar Hero: Metallica”. Metallica’s James Hetfield lists “November Coming Fire” as one of his top ten albums of all time.

Danzig’s early output (most early Misfits records, the Samhain discography, and the first four Danzig albums) still remain out of print since the 80’s and 90’s due to various legal (and personal) issues. The original vinyl records are very hard to find, and priceless. However, recently there have been some very good bootlegs made of these original releases. We came across a batch of these and handpicked the best looking and best sounding copies!

This brand new item is on purple vinyl and sounds very to close to the original official CD, which we also have for sale!


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