Light Years

The Light Brigade • LP


* All proceeds from this release will benefit the Govers family *

This summer, Gram Records will release a 1998 – 2018 retrospective of Dutch master songsmith Gerton Govers and his Light Brigade on vinyl. Completely remastered, the album contains remixes by Perry Leenhouts and Vincent Koreman. All tracks were recorded at Studio 195 by Patrick Delabie, and the LP even features a couple of songs from the illustrious outfit Diablos Innocentos, making it their vinyl debut.

Gerton Govers has been delivering top notch pop songs since the early 1990’s so a proper best-of release is long overdue. Most of Gerton’s musical output has been unleashed upon the world under the moniker of The Light Brigade, a band he started in 2005 and which birthed three full-length albums and one EP so far.

In 2023, Gerton was diagnosed with sarcomas, a malignant type of cancer which he is battling as we speak. The way he, his wife and his four children are handling this, is truly inspiring. All proceeds from this release will benefit the Govers family.

This is a pre-order, you can expect the final product delivered to your door this July.

Check out the haunting opening track “Loosen The Knot” below.


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1998 – 2018

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