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“Holland” is the 19th studio album by the Beach Boys, released in 1973 on Reprise. It was their first album recorded without Bruce Johnston since 1965, their second with Blondie Chaplin and Ricky Fataar, and their final studio album created under the leadership of Carl Wilson and manager Jack Rieley. The LP was originally packaged with a bonus EP, “Mount Vernon And Fairway”, which consists of a 12-minute fairy tale written and produced by Brian and Carl Wilson.

Per its title, “Holland” was recorded over the summer of 1972 at a barn in Baambrugge, near Amsterdam, where the band members and their entourage had decamped for several months in the pursuit of creative inspiration. Recording the album was an unprecedented and extremely costly venture, as the group had commissioned their engineers to renovate the barn, which had housed an existing studio, using components from the band’s studio in Los Angeles that were dismantled, shipped to Holland in crates, and then reassembled. Ultimately, only the album’s basic tracks were recorded in Holland, with the band finishing off the record in late 1972 at Village Recorders in Los Angeles.

This is an original Dutch pressing from 1973 and contains the bonus 7-inch plus the insert with lyrics, and an original Reprise company inner sleeve. This copy for sale has seen a lot of action so both sleeve and vinyl have wear, but everything still looks and plays good. The vinyl has significant scratches but this does not affect playback apart from a little surface noise. Still a nice item!


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