Black Dots

Bad Brains • LP

“Black Dots” consists of the earliest recording session of Bad Brains, which took place in 1979 at Inner Ear Studios with recording engineer Don Zientara. It features early versions of several songs that were later recorded for the band’s first two studio albums, as well as songs that have never previously been released.

Inner Ear Studios in 1979 consisted of Zientara’s basement in Virginia, outfitted with a 4-track TEAC quarter-inch tape deck and a small drum booth set up to one side. The band set up in the basement space, and since it lacked an isolation booth, HR ran his vocal mic out to the backyard and performed there. Zientara set the recording equipment up in the kitchen on the first floor. Bad Brains played straight through their live set of the time, consisting of all the songs they had written up to that point. The spartan session resulted in a lot of reverberation on the drums. Zientara and his kid can be heard speaking with HR in between tracks.

At the end of the 1990’s these recordings were finally released. We have the 2019 white vinyl version on Astralwerks for sale (SOLD OUT), and the 2013 black vinyl version on Vinilisssimo (SOLD OUT). Both items are used but still in good shape. Includes printed inner sleeve.


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180 grams vinyl, Coloured vinyl

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2013, 2019


Rock, Punk, Reggae