Rock Bottom

Robert Wyatt • LP


“Rock Bottom” is the second solo album by former Soft Machine drummer Robert Wyatt. It was originally released in 1974 by Virgin Records. The album was produced by Pink Floyd’s drummer Nick Mason, and was recorded following a 1973 accident which left Wyatt a paraplegic.

During a raucous party in London, an inebriated Wyatt fell from a third-floor bathroom window and was paralysed from the waist down. Wyatt has used a wheelchair ever since. He later called the event the beginning of his maturity and in hospital he continued to work on the songs that would appear on Rock Bottom “in a trance”. Within six months he was back at work in the recording studio and appeared on stage at London’s Rainbow Theatre with Pink Floyd and Soft Machine, who lent financial support by playing a benefit concert for him. He enlisted musicians including Ivor Cutler, Hugh Hopper, Richard Sinclair, Laurie Allan, Mike Oldfield and Fred Frith in the recording of the album.

2008 reissue by Domino, brand new!


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