Orchestre National De Mauritanie

Orchestre National De Mauritanie • LP


Formed in 1968, Mauritania’s National Orchestra was the official band of the post-colonial desert country. The life of the National Orchestra would parallel the events shaping the nation, lasting from 1968 to 1975 – shortly before the military coup which would spell not only the end of the Orchestra, but the end of a democracy. Recordings are hard to come by. Aside from the few copies of the 7-inch that still exist, no other commercial releases were ever made. The remaining legacy of the Orchestra consisting of live performances and radio broadcasts, was nearly destroyed during the coup d’etat of 1978. Under orders to burn any and all recordings related to the Daddah regime, the radio archive was looted by loyal military forces. During the chaos, one heroic radio engineer snuck into the archives and salvaged the reels of the music contained here which were sequestered in his home for the past decades.

Comes in a thick, heavy cardboard sleeve with a booklet containing photos and extensive liner notes. Vinyl is used but in good shape.


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1968 – 1978

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African, Folk