In The Fishtank 12

Karate • 12"


“In The Fishtank” was a project of Dutch independent music distributor Konkurrent. In this project, Konkurrent invited a band (or in some cases, multiple bands) who were touring through the Netherlands at that time to record, and gave them two days studio time.

Karate’s “In the Fishtank” EP brings the series full circle: they “collaborate” with Billie Holiday, Mark Hollis, The Minutemen, Bob Dylan and The Band by covering them on this politically charged karaoke bash. It takes some balls to tackle such iconic songs, especially since Karate’s versions of them are so straightforward and faithful. Without revising the originals, Karate nudges them toward their own style. The EP’s breezy yet solemn demeanor seems to portend “Pockets”, which this EP was recorded right before.

This is an original pressing in good shape! The sleeve slightly shows signs of use, the vinyl is in excellent shape.

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Rock, Indie