Document And Eyewitness

Wire • 2LP


“Document And Eyewitness” is a live album by Wire. It marked the end of the first period of Wire’s activity and the end of their association with EMI. The Notre Dame Hall show records Wire after the tour to support “154”, tired of playing the same old songs and continually moving forward. Of the seven songs, three were never recorded in-studio by Wire and the rest were captured as B-sides and other ephemeral recordings. Nine of the songs recorded live for the album were reworked and recorded for the band’s 2013 album “Change Becomes Us”.

The Electric Ballroom show documents a band revelling in their artistic freedom, creating a surreal and challenging show that not only included almost all new material, but also a Dadaist cabaret including a moving sheet behind which the band performed, assorted headdresses and props, and an MC, Wire’s manager Mick Collins, who tried to keep control of proceedings. The show was performed before a restive punk crowd who were little appeased by a version of “12XU” (edited down to fifteen seconds for this release) and reacted with a thrown bottle during the unnamed instrumental.

The recording was made on an eight-track tape recorder that was set up incorrectly, resulting in a distorted two track mix. The original vinyl release was a double with the Electric Ballroom tracks on sides one and two and the Notre Dame Hall and Montreux tracks on sides three and four. The compact disc reissue switched the running order, beginning with Notre Dame and Montreux and following with the Electric Ballroom tracks. In 2014, the band’s label Pink Flag released a new version of the album which revises the original track list of the album and also includes a bonus disc. This is the 2014 reissue, brand new!


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180 grams vinyl, Gatefold



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1979 – 1980

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Rock, Punk