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Nirvana’s “Blew” EP was released in December 1989 on Tupelo Records on 12-inch vinyl and CD. The EP was originally intended to be released to promote an upcoming European tour, but due to delays in production, it ended up being released exclusively in the UK shortly after the tour’s completion. Only 3000 copies of the EP were pressed.

  • The title track was recorded one step lower than the band had intended, which contributed to the extraordinary heavy sound. Not realizing that they had already tuned to their favoured D standard tuning, the band tuned further down to drop C on the first day of the “Bleach” sessions and recorded several songs in that tuning. As bassist Krist Novoselic recalled in a 2009 Seattle Times article, “we came back the next day and decided the idea wasn’t so hot, and we recorded over most of it with things tuned back up a little. In fact, “Blew” is the only survivor of that doom-pop experiment.”
  • “Love Buzz”, a cover song from Dutch band Shocking Blue, is also the same version as on the “Bleach” album.
  • “Been A Son” is a different recording than the one on Nirvana’s compilation album “Incesticide”. The version on the “Blew” EP has a trashier sound and an amazing over-the-top bass solo.
  • “Stain” is the same version as on “Incesticide”.

This is an amazing original copy. The vinyl is as good as new, the sleeve is also in excellent shape. The only marks are a tiny beginning seamsplit on the top of the sleeve, and slight creasing on the spine. Not a bootleg! This is the real deal!



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