Aglio E Olio

Beastie Boys • 7"


The Beastie Boys returned to their hardcore roots in the best way possible on the “Aglio E Olio” EP in 1995, with Amery Smith (ex-Suicidal Tendencies) on drums.

According to Mike D: “When we first started working on “Hello Nasty” in New York, Amery was around helping us get set up. Along with the usual bunch of experimental jamming, we started playing a bunch of hardcore, putting song arrangements together really quickly. Then I started writing vocals. Soon we realized that we had way too many hardcore songs to possibly put on the next album, so we decided to release them all together as an EP”.

It was originally released on CD and 12 inch vinyl as an 8-song EP, but the Australian release turned into a fantastic 10-song double lathe cut 7 inch, limited to only 1420 copies!

They were handmade in New Zealand in a shed at the foothills of the Southern Alps by a man named Peter King. These are direct cuts, which means each and every one had to be recorded onto the disc in real time. The reason 1420 were made is that the whole process was a nightmare and took him six months to complete. This is a double record, so he actually made 2840 items. The labels were printed using a photocopier and were hand glued to the discs. The label ordered 1500 copies but Peter only managed to make 1420 flawless ones due to the hit-or-miss technology being used. The urban legend says that as partial payment the Beastie Boys surprised King with a mustard-yellow Ford Mustang which arrived at the Port of Timaru simply addressed to “P. King”.

So, for sale here is one of the original double lathe cuts, complete with double-sided foldaround sleeve! It contains the bonus hardcore track “Soba Violence”, and the Doors cover “Light My Fire” in a jazzy arrangement with Miho Hatori on vocals. Both 7 inches are as good as new, the outer sleeve shows very minor signs of aging. A treasure!


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